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Five Tips To Help You Build A Solid Network


The key to becoming a successful network marketer is to build a solid network. This article is filled with useful tips that will help you strengthen your network and take your marketing campaign to the next level.

Attend as many public events as possible. You should use the Internet to find events in your area and talk to people from your network about their activities and the events they plan on attending. If you believe an event will attract some people who correspond to your niche, you should go. Once you become influential enough, you should start organizing your own events and encourage your contacts to bring their friends. This kind of networking allows you to meet new people while catching up with your acquaintances and contacts.

You need a good excuse to get back in touch with people or to follow up after meeting a new potential customer. Organize some promotional incentives such as contests, giveaways and discounts and mention these incentives when you meet a potential customer. If they want to benefit from this offer, they will give you their contact information and the permission to contact them soon. Get back in touch with some old acquaintances if you remember they showed interest in a certain product to let them know you are offering them a chance to win this product.

Five Tips To Help You Build A Solid Network

Reward the people who help you the most. You should have a close circle that includes your best customers and the partners who help you find leads on a regular basis. Let these people know you appreciate their support by organizing some smaller events for them, giving out some free products, discounts and gift cards and even some cash rewards. Consider establishing a more official partnership and sharing your profits if a person always has some good tips and leads.

Associate with the right people. In most social circles, you will be judged in function of how you behave, talk, dress but also who you associate with. When you find yourself in a place where you will be likely to find new customers, take a few minutes to observe social dynamics. Who seems to be the life of the party? Who is wearing the most expensive clothes? Who is greeted by the largest number of people? Befriend people who seem influential, and find a way to get them to use your products.

Be genuine and friendly when you interact with people. Give everyone your attention, get to know them and do not push your products constantly. Make people feel like you appreciate their company, find them interesting and look for things you have in common. After meeting someone in a public place, you should find a way to initiate contact in a different situation where you can have a longer conversation, for instance by calling them on the phone or meeting for a cup of coffee.

You should adapt these tips to the niche you are targeting. Expanding your network requires a lot of hard work, but your job will be a lot easier once you have a large number of customers and partners who can help you.


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