September 3

Million Dollar Interview with Cedrick Harris


Join Eric Worre and Million Dollar earner Cedrick Harris for an insightful interview and behind the scenes look at what propelled Cedrick Harris to the high level of success he is living today. Cedrick is an engaging and highly-motivated man who became an entreprenuer early in life. His story begins by him telling us of his humble beginnings, and of him being a 15 year old young man who was selling candy out of a duffle bag to his school mates. His success was short-lived however since the assistant principal shut down his candy operation. But driven by his hunger to make money, and also his need to make money, Cedrick went on to selling men’s clothing in a department store… however, it was also during this time that Cedrick got mixed up with the wrong type of “sales people”, and got caught. It was a life changing moment for him when a judge ordered that he attend a “boot camp” program in lieu of jail time. This boot camp program instilled discipline into the already motivated Cedrick and he came out of the program a changed man.

As Cedrick digs deeper into his personal story, he tells of how he first became involved in Network Marketing through a now defunct company called Excel Telecommunications, and then went on to a very successful VA mortgage business. This was during the time when interest rates were incredibly low, and closing deals came incredibly easy to Cedrick and he was quickly promoted to management. Cedrick had his first 7-figure year by the young age of 27. However, that industry started to dry up and Cedrick soon went on his way to new adventures and streams of income. This all led him back to Network Marketing, and his on-going success.
As Cedrick reveals in this interview, he is a driven man. He tells us that every morning that he wakes up “starving”. And by starving, he means that no matter the level of success he is at, he constantly striving to do, see and be more. His advice is, “Wake up and act as if your down line doesn’t exist. It’s great that it does, but wake up and act like it doesn’t exist because if you are co-dependent on it existing, then you might become complacent.” To him, this profession isn’t work, because works is something you do when you’d rather be doing something else. This isn’t work to him, he loves what he does and why he does it.

At the end of the interview Eric asks Cedrick to give advice to anyone who aspires to go pro in network marketing, and the answer is a very thought-provoking 3-part answer. His advice is: Number one, you’ve got to get out of your own way. Get your head in positive mental shape and go for it; number two is find a mentor. Find someone who has done what you aspire to do, and follow them “like a tick on a dog’s back.” And number three is to immerse yourself into personal development. No matter what you’re selling, it’s personal development with a product attached to it, so develop your mind just like you would any other skill set that you need to be successful.

In conclusion, as Eric Worre suggests, watch this interview a couple more times, take some notes, and put together a little game plan to go out there and make your life what it should be and can be!

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