May 11

Tips for Your Network Marketing Plan


As with any business venture, your business plan is a keystone to your network marketing success. However, there are some things you may have forgotten when you started writing up this plan. If you want to learn about what you need to consider, keep reading.

One of your most important considerations is your target audience. Your advertising budget is only so big so you need to target a specific group with that money. Just putting your product “out there” is not an efficient use of time or funds. Think about who is most likely to be interested in your product. Seniors will probably not be too interested in the latest technologies, but younger people will. You could maximize your ads in this case by putting them up on local college campuses. You need to insure that your ads are maximizing your return on investment.

While it may be time consuming to produce, it is a good idea to create a written business plan. Why is this so important? Your are essentially creating a how-to manual on how to run your business. As a network marketer, you not only need to generate sales, you need to get recruits on board and trained. This is a complicated business, and learning as you go will not always be sufficient. As your business grows you can edit and make changes to things that you found just didn’t work for you. While not your only resource, this will also help you create training materials.

Make sure your plan includes a starting budget, as well as some financial projections for the next few years. Make sure you include everything you will need from advertising costs to ink for your printer. These are all business expenses, and you need to develop good financial habits to avoid trouble later. This will also let you know about how much you need in capital in order to get going. Ensure that you have enough money available so that even if you don’t make sales right away you can afford to keep going.

While your primary goal is to make sales, don’t forget about customer service in the process. While it may seem counter-productive, good customer service will greatly increase your sales potential. You want that word-of-mouth advertising to work for you. By taking care of your customers properly, you can not only gain repeat business but also gain their friends as customers as well.

Make sure you are also setting aside some time each week to train your recruits. If they succeed, you will as well, so their development is crucial to your long-term business growth. By being available to them as a resource, you can greatly increase their profits as well as your own.

Make sure all the important things are covered in your plan. Even if you are not looking for outside capital, you should create one. The reason they are so important to banks is because businesses that have them are more likely to succeed. Make sure you are spending your time after launch helping customers and training your recruits, not dealing with unexpected problems.


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